Sunday, November 30, 2014

Warhammer 40k: New bases for Space Marines?

   So Deathstorm (DS) has changed some base sizes that we know, and made new sizes and shapes for old models.

   The Death Company box has been pulled form GWs online store, the Death company in the DS have 32mm round bases, the old ones in the Battleforce (still on GW's web site) have the standard 25mm round base.

   On the Tyranid side of things have changed as well. The Broodlord was on the 40mm round base and the DS one is on a 75mm Oval base.

   The Carnifex was on the 60mm round base and the DS version is on a 105mm Oval base.
   I hate when 40k started with Oval bases as you can turn the models and the distance changes, so cheesye players can use this as an advantage. Round bases keep the distance the same from all angles. That's all for the "cheesy" part of this rant.

  What I really wanted to look at was that all Space Marines in Power Armour may be getting this new 32mm round base size. Look at the new Blood Angel Tactical Marine picture, they are all on this new base size.

  So what are your thoughts on any of the new Bases? And as always For the Allfather, For Russ, and For Fenris!!!

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