Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thunderhawk Pt 2

  So the project is on hold for a moment as I am waiting on some Oyumaru also known as Instant molding sticks. I have two heavy bolters but I need 8. You can get them on ebay and a few other sites, here is the one I purchased

  I was asked to see her next too some Marines, so her ya go!

Here is a Prow view, the door on the left is a landraider door, the right is a rhino.

This is a Starboard view, The landraider door is about where it should go.

Some pics show rhinos driving off the front ramp, and it would fit!

An Aft View.

A picture from above.

  At the moment she is not glued together she is pinned with tooth pics! As for her Dimensions she is about the same size as a Forge World Thunderhawk. The folks at Warseer say the FW ones hull is about 5'' and mine is about 4''

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gunship Incoming!!!

   Hey fellow 40kers! So with Apocalypse just around the corner what are you all up too? Here is my latest work in progress!

I made all of her but the Cannon barrel out of styrofoam so far. I am going to use cardboard to put details on. The Heavy Bolters, I may have to buy or try too green stuff clone. Let me know about your Apoc projects and let me know what you think about my Thunderhawk.
 So till next time, For the Allfather, for Russ, and for Fenris!!