Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thunderhawk Pt 2

  So the project is on hold for a moment as I am waiting on some Oyumaru also known as Instant molding sticks. I have two heavy bolters but I need 8. You can get them on ebay and a few other sites, here is the one I purchased

  I was asked to see her next too some Marines, so her ya go!

Here is a Prow view, the door on the left is a landraider door, the right is a rhino.

This is a Starboard view, The landraider door is about where it should go.

Some pics show rhinos driving off the front ramp, and it would fit!

An Aft View.

A picture from above.

  At the moment she is not glued together she is pinned with tooth pics! As for her Dimensions she is about the same size as a Forge World Thunderhawk. The folks at Warseer say the FW ones hull is about 5'' and mine is about 4''

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