Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dark Vengeance

   Well here is or new box set! Just want to point out that this was my guess on what was going to happen when I did my first read through the 6th edition book and here is where I said my thoughts!
 Woot, feels nice to be right! Here is what I said...

''They talk about a battle in the time line that's new on page 176 called Dark Vengeance. Its the only thing in the time line that sounds like new fluff to me. The Crimson Slaughter Chaos marines talked about there also have a picture of there colors on page 299."

  My first thoughts are "that looks like a good hand full of dudes!" until you see the 20 guardsmen on the Chaos side. I also am not to fond of the Dark box. Should have used the 6th edition book cover like Assault on Black Reach.

The Dark Angels look great, but that's also a down side. As a astute Son of Russ I will not be to keen on this box. But as a friend pointed out when we talked about our thoughts on the new set that (as a FLGS owner) he wanted them to be very Dark Angel's like with lots of DA detail so that the box wouldn't draw as much business away from the Tactical box as AoBR did on ebay. The only model in the above picture that I dislike is the "Company Master with Power Sword". He has on way to many robes and I think it takes away from the look of a Space Marine HQ.

The first thing I saw when I looked at the Terminators is that the head's don't fit into the chests well. The cheeks over-lap the crown of the back piece. Also the Crux Terminatus looks to small. I like the addition of the Purity Seals and the studs, But other than the assault cannon I like the AoBR Terminators better. The Bikes are Super!

When I saw these bad boys My Jaw dropped! They Look Great! If you use Chaos Lords here is a group of men that could all be used as a nice HQ with a few weapon set variants. The "Helbrute" Looks cool even if we don't know what it is. I saw a neat rule to give a chaos dread on page 38, its called "It will not die". The coolest thing about these traitors is the helmet horns!

These  heretics look cool even if they repeat a few poses. My brother says there is no option to give a guard unit a Heavy Stubber so... (I don't own the Guard book) if its true then hopefully the chaos book will have real cultists again!

 "Fenris Breeds Hero's Like A Bar Breeds Drunks - Loud, Proud And Spoiling For A Fight."
                               -Grand Master Belial of the Dark Angels

 Next up we will have Home Brew: Zone Mortalis Part 2! Well that's all for now, so till the next time For the Allfather, for Russ, and for Fenris!! 

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