Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home Brew: Zone Mortalis Part 1

   Hello again and here is my easy steps for a cheap Zone Mortalis set. Don't know what Zone is? Head over to Forge World and take a peak!,000_Terrain/REALM-OF-BATTLE-ZONE-MORTALIS-SET.html

 Here is the rules PDF

In a nut shell its a new way to play Warhammer 40k in the close quarters combat environment of the interior of say a Hive city or a Space Hulk.

First off you will need these tools:
1) A pen or pencil
2) A black Marker
3) A ruler
4) A razor knife
5) A 1 foot square tile
6) A pile of cardboard

When you get all that use the tile to trace at least 9 (for a 3' x 3' board) cardboard tiles and cut them out. Then take your ruler and make lines across the tiles every 2" inch's so you have a grid of 2" squares. When you have all your tiles lined out trace with the marker the zone tiles you would like to have. For the 3' x 3' I would say Two sets of the four styles and one more of your favorite style.

After that grab a friend and play away!

On a note these rules were made for 5th edition. This is how I tweak them for 6th.

Reaction Fire: If you pass the initiative test use the Reaction Fire rules, if you fail use the Overwatch rules.

Charging: You may charge units you can not see but it is a Disordered Charge (page 27 in the 6th Edition rule book.)

In part two I will show you how I made it 3d! For the Allfather, for Russ, and for Fenris!!

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