Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Space Wolves Psychic Power Cards

  There are sets of  Psychic Powers Cards out for the new books, but not the old ones. So I set out to make a set for the Sons of Russ!

  My first set of cards I made was with a 50% photocopy of the powers page, then I traced Magic Cards on too card stock, then I cut out and glued the powers to the card. These worked good and I was able to make them with things around the house.

  But then a few people at the FLGS had the new fancy GW cards, and made me want to make nicer looking ones. So with a little search on the web I found these Space Wolves styled card backs (Highland_Piper from dakka dakka did the card back art!). Then I scanned the powers page and a little MS:Paint magic later I had these! To have a set of your own Just print one side, put the paper back in upside down and print the other side. A little note, put a small mark on the top of the paper before you load and print, then put it back in with the mark down! My next step is to cut them out and get them laminated at Kinko's.

  So till next time, For the Allfather, for Russ, and for Fenris!!

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