Monday, June 3, 2013

The rise of Titans

                     So Buy now you all have most likely seen the July cover for white dwarf.

I am not usually a fan of large point value games, but Apocalypse has always held a special place in my heart. I would say it springs from my love of team battles. As its great fun to team up and do giant battles like you read about all over 40k, the wars for Armageddon, and the Crusade of Fire. I watched my brother Slay a Greater Demon of Khorne with a missile shot in a 5000pt 4 on 4 way back in 2nd edition. To the first Apocalypse game I ran at a flgs of 10,000 pt. That game was 4 players a side, 2,500pts each. The points were raised from 2,000 each when I saw the warlord titan in the Apoc book. I was going to bring my wolves but the hook was set as I remembered reading the comic Titan God Machine, and from there I had one month to build my Warlord.
   I based it off the Forge World of Graia from the Relic Space Marine game, the older history about this forge world is that its the home of the Titan legion of The Legio Astraman (AKA the Morning Stars) and I used there color scheme. The teams were Space Wolves (not mine), Imperial guard, Tau, and my Warlord Titan versus Chaos Marines, Necrons, Orks, and Renegade Imperial Guard. If you have ever seen the stats on a warlords weapons and thought WOW, then let me tell you as one Princeps to another, the stats are as nothing to seeing them put to use on the table!

Armed with Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Vortex Missle, Volcano Cannon, and Quake Cannon.
Enemy in sight turn 1
After the Titans first shooting phase our foes have lost a Monolith, Canoptek Tomb Stalker, a squad of Necron Warriors, Necron Lord, Chimra with comand Squad, Havok squad, Vindicator, Defiler, A ruin and a few other things. The Voetex Missile was a beast!
So what are your thoughts about a New Apocalypse?
So till next time, For the Allfather, for Russ, and for Fenris!! 


  1. I've never actually played an Apok game -- I'm a bit afraid of what comes through the gate when you open it that far. I wouldn't mind playing some high-points games if I have the models to cover it, but I'd probably stick with my usual units and end up face to face with something too big for me to crack.

  2. The Apoc book as it is now is a objective game, so your regular dudes can score, that was one of the down side to the titan on our team was that a 1/4 of or points couldn't claim a objective.